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Tuition and Fees

A Pioneers education is an investment in your child’s future.  Our tuition and fees are partially subsidized by the Future Pioneers Society to help make a PBS education more accessible.

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Your tuition provides your child access to an international, bilingual education, with the English department led by a staff of native English speakers.  It additionally covers the costs of labs and other classroom activities.


PBS offers one way and round trip bus service for students at a yearly rate.


Depending on grade level and required course books, there is a yearly book fee to cover the cost of printing and textbooks.


All students are required to take English proficiency exams throughout their time at Pioneers.   Additionally, all students must register for SAT II tests and pay their associated costs.


Each PBS student is required to wear a uniform, available for purchase through the school.  Costs vary based on uniform selection.

Arabic Remedial

Any student enrolling from abroad will be required to pay an Arabic Remedial class fee to facilitate extra help.  Any student on par with their classmates will have the fee refunded.

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