Sunset over Sebastia, an outlying village of Nablus

Shopping in the Old City

The gardens of Jacob's Well

To understand Pioneers, it is necessary to understand its community:


Nestled between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim, Nablus is a tight-knit and welcoming community.  People have close relationships and actively invite you into those relationships.  Teachers are regularly welcomed to dinner at students’ or neighbors’ home for tasty maqlouba and traditional kunafa.  The community is one where everyone knows each other and you will quickly find familiar faces whenever you go out in town. 


Nablus is so tight-knit largely because of its mountainous geography.  During the First and Second Intifada, the city was cut off, becoming highly self-reliant. With schools overstretched, Nabulsi families were left with the impossible task of how and where to educate their children, with many leaving the country for better options. 


After leaving Nablus, families found themselves unable to return until a suitable option existed for their children.  Thus, the dream of the Future Pioneers Society became our K-12 school: Pioneers Baccalaureate School.  It is the only school of its caliber in the north of Palestine, providing a bilingual, international education.  Born out of the ashes of the intifadas, PBS is ready to train the next generation of pioneers, whether raised in Nablus or welcomed home from abroad.

The Story of Pioneers